1,000 ITALIAN RECIPES has a new look!  First published in 2004 by Wiley Publishing, this book is the culmination of my many years of cooking, eating, and researching Italian food and now it sports a jaunty red cover.  Comprehensive and far ranging, 1,000 ITALIAN RECIPES  really does contain 1,000 recipes.  Believe me, I counted them.   ...

June 26, 2012   6 Comments

Struffoli and Little Old Ladies

Several years ago, I was signing my book A Fresh Taste of Italy at the Greenmarket in New York's Union Square.  A man stopped by and told me he was looking for a recipe for vecchiarelle, meaning little old ladies.  He explained  that they were something like struffoli, only shaped like gnocchi and flavored with ...

December 20, 2011   3 Comments

Struffoli Season


Every year about this time, I hear from cooks with questions about struffoli.  These little honey covered nuggets of fried dough are made in many places in Italy, but are most popular in Naples and the South.  To many Italian Americans and Italians, it just wouldn't be Christmas without them.  Making struffoli is a great ...

December 3, 2011   6 Comments

    • Michele Scicolone