Struffoli Class at Family Circle

img_1354Last week, my friends at Family Circle Magazine asked me to stop by and give them a lesson on making struffoli.  These little balls of fried dough dipped in honey are essential for many Southern Italians at Christmas time.  When I was a child, my mom and I used to make them assembly-line fashion, with me doing the cutting and rolling while she did the initial mixing and then the frying.  After frying, they were coated with warm honey that she would buy from a beekeeper on  Staten Island.  The finished struffoli would be piled onto shallow plates and decorated with colored sprinkles and maybe some candied fruits.  They would last for quite a while and we would serve them to guests and bring some to relatives we visited throughout the holiday season.  They were perfect for nibbling with a cup of coffee and we would all sit around the table and pick them off the pile with our fingers.  They were messy to eat and many people claimed not to like them, but somehow they would all disappear.  I always thought my mom’s were the best because they were light and airy, not hard and dense like some others I have tasted.

I will post the recipe struffoli at Christmastime, but if you just can’t wait, you can find it in my book 1,000 Italian Recipes

To see more photos of the struffoli class at Family Circle, see

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