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The French Slow Cooker  — published January 2012  “I’d bet that if French cooks could get their hands on Michele Scicolone’s French Slow Cooker, which is filled with smart, practical, and convenient recipes, they’d never let it go.”— Dorie Greenspan, Around My French Table

The Italian Slow Cooker — Best Seller

1,000 Italian Recipes –          “A masterpiece. ”– Mario Batali       James Beard Award Finalist

The Bistro Laurent Tourondel Cookbook with Laurent Tourondel —  One of the Epicurious Top 10 Cookbooks of 2007           James Beard Award Finalist

Pizza Any Way You Slice It! with Charles Scicolone  – Also published as Pizza–Easy Recipes for Great Homemade Pizzas, Focaccia,and Calzones “If you use good quality ingredients and follow the instructions carefully, you find that the recipes aresuperb.”  Amanda Hesser, “Pizza Worth An Exclamation” The New York Times

Entertaining with the Sopranos with Allen Rucker – Recipes from the HBO Series

The Sopranos Family Cookbook with Allen Rucker – #1 New York Times Bestseller for 11 weeks

Italian Holiday Cooking – “A must-have book.” Lidia Bastianich       Julia Child Award Finalist

A Fresh Taste of Italy –  “Not just an inspired collection of dishes but atravelogue filled with memories and culinary vignettes.”   New York Magazine, Julia Child Award and James Beard Award Finalist

The Antipasto Table –  “…a hunger-provoking ride through the best antipasti Italy has to offer.”  Nick Malgieri, The New York Daily News James Beard Award Finalist

La Dolce Vita –  “Bravo to Michele Scicolone for bringing alive the irresistible flavors and spirit of Italy’s home-style sweets in simple recipes.”  Lynne Rosetto Kasper    Julia Child Award Finalist

Essentials of Italian Cooking–Recipes and Techniques for Delicious Italian Meals

Savoring Italy –Recipes and Reflections on Italian Cooking

Mastering Pasta Noodles and Dumplings — “Practicing these recipes will give you the skills and confidence that are the hallmarks of every good cook.”

Shellfish — 85 Recipes for lobsters, shrimp, scallops, crabs, clams, mussels, oysters and squid

Fish Steaks and Fillets — 83 Recipes for serving up the catch of the day

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