Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate from Larry BurdickImagine the densest, chocolatiest ice cream you have ever eaten.  Then think what it would be like if it were hot and served liquid in a cup, maybe topped with some cold,  whipped sweet cream.  That’s what you get when you order chocolat chaud in Paris or cioccolato caldo in Milan. A cup of molten heaven, it  almost makes a winter day bearable.

It’s not easy to find that kind of hot chocolate here in New York, so Charles and I were delighted to find that a Burdick Cafe and Chocolate Shop ( had opened a few blocks away.  Charles remembers meeting the owner, Larry Burdick years ago when he would come to the shop where Charles worked to buy the finest liqueurs to flavor his hand made chocolates.  His signature chocolates were shaped like sweet little mice with pretty silk tails.   Sure enough, you can still buy them at the shop, as well as bars and bite size filled chocolates.  But we were there for a cup of hot chocolate.  I ordered the dark chocolate, and what a treat it was!   Did it transport me to Angelina’s in Paris?  Not quite, but it was delicious all the same — dark and dense with a slightly bitter edge.  Hot chocolate for grown-ups.

Larry Burdick Chocolate MiceThe cafe has a few small tables where you can sit and relax.  I can’t imagine why, but there are alternatives beverages like coffee and hot milk as well as cold drinks. And that’s not all.   The pastries looked amazing, but after sipping the molten chocolate, I decided to save them for another time.  All I can say is, it’s a good thing they don’t have croissants or I would have a hard time staying away from the place.

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