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Candied orange peels are essential for holiday baking and their sugary crunch and big citrus flavor is perfect after a meal when I am craving a little something sweet.  But storebought ones are expensive and too often dried out and tasteless.  No need to rely on them when it is so easy to make them ...

March 29, 2015   2 Comments

SLOW COOKER SECRETS Online Cooking Classes

Learn Slow Cooker Secrets on

Do you want to learn the secrets of successful slow cooking?  Are you looking for a new slow cooker, but don't know which one to buy?  Would you like to surprise your family with some exciting new dishes instead of the same old chili or stew?  Then my new Online Classes available at are for you! ...

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An Italian Chef’s Pea Soup

Pisellata alla Macerata

A cold night.  Got home late.  I'm hungry and there is nothing much in the refrigerator.  Check the freezer.  Frozen peas, some chopped pancetta, bread.  Yes, I have an onion and some garlic.   Perfect!  We'll have a great dinner. Pisellata is a simple soup from the Marche region of Italy.  I came across the recipe in ...

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    • Michele Scicolone